About Us

NextGen Solar LogoNextGen Solar is a U.S.-based, renewable energy company focused on building and operating utility-scale, PV Solar power plants in sub-Saharan Africa, integrating a hybrid model of modern PV generation with existing legacy diesel plants.

NextGen Solar has operations in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

The objective of NextGen Solar is to bring plentiful, reliable and more affordable electricity by reducing the dependency on expensive fossil fuels, especially in remote rural areas.

As part of its commitment to the Power Africa Initiative, NextGen Solar intends to:

Advance the Power Africa goal of providing access to clean, reliable energy in East Africa, by setting up 200 MW of generation capacity via several solar power plants – 70 MW in Tanzania, 50 MW in Kenya, 35 MW in Ethiopia, 30 MW in Ghana and 15 MW in Nigeria, representing total investment of $ 600 million.

Over the next 5 years, energy projects of NextGen Solar will not only increase access to electricity to 3.7 million people, but also help in creating 431,000 incremental jobs in these countries.

NextGen Solar aims to provide Power Africa countries with access to sector expertise in building hybrid solutions, by integrating legacy diesel mini-grids with modern PV generation.

This is expected to reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions in these Power Africa countries by 300,000 t CO2 emissions.